My Delight

My Child,
   I delight in you. You are My joy and My delight, the apple of My eye. No one touches you without My swift response. I am ever with you, watching over you, keeping you near. My heart cries out over you, the love poem of your life. I have watched, and I have seen.
   Vengeance is Mine. I will repay.
   Rest in Me. Let offenses go, leaving them to Me. I know what to do with them. You do not. Trust Me in every season. Seek My face and find Me. I always joyfully receive you.
   I have such great plans for you; you cannot even imagine. You do not know or see what I see and know. I anticipate your future with great joy. Do not let the little foxes distract you. Keep your gaze upon Me, and I will lead you masterfully through this dance of life.
   Rest in My arms, follow My lead, and raise your face to gaze upon Mine. Hear the music, keep in time, and smell the fragrance constantly surrounding you. Know the exquisite delight and desire you are.
   You are Mine. I claim you with great joy. All of heaven rejoices over the plans for your life. Live it well, live full, and live in blessing.
In My Name, I declare it, therefore it is so!

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