Peter: A Life Transformed

Peter: A Life Transformed

A discipleship Bible study for groups or individuals. Come alongside Peter as he walks with Jesus. Grow with him, struggle with him, and find your potential in Christ as Peter finds his.

Book Review:

“This is really so much more than just a study of Peter! Jacquie’s thought-provoking questions are effective to get past mindsets and blind spots allowing the readers to discover truths hidden below the surface. Jacquie is able to present even some of the most difficult sayings of Jesus in a way that uncovers sin, but in an encouraging manner, leading the reader into repentance and a deeper walk.”

—Lorraine O’Neal
Pastor/Teacher for A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries, Bible Teacher and Prayer Leader at Anchorage City Church, and Secretary for the Board of Directors at the Downtown Hope Center, Anchorage, Alaska.

Becoming Israel: Jacob’s Struggle

He was the son his father prayed for, but he was not his father’s favorite. His mother tried to fulfill the promises of God on his life, and it cost her the relationship. He and his twin brother were night and day different. They were just minutes apart, but he was the youngest, a twin, but not a first-born son. Jacob began his life fulfilling God’s destiny in his own strength, and what he gained cost him his home life. He went on a journey to find a wife to please his parents. Through his struggles and trials, Jacob found the God of his father, Isaac, Who would change not only his character but also his name. This is Becoming Israel. Journey with Jacob through this five-week study. You will be challenged, encouraged, given hope, and bought to the place where you, too, will build an altar to God in your heart and call it “God, the God of (insert your name here)”.

Amazon Review

“I enjoyed diving deeper into the life of Jacob. I appreciated the insight I gained as well as the historical information I was not aware of from other studies of the Old Testament I have completed.”

This Servant’s Hands

is based on a fictional young man who shares his moving story with Peter on the day of Pentecost. They had met once before when Peter was with Jesus. Who is he, and who might he become?

Amazon review:

“I enjoyed this story of love and devotion set in the early church from the book of Acts. The story places you in this time in history with a viewpoint of a young servant and his excitement of meeting Jesus. You can read this in one sitting and will be delighted with this sweet and tender story. I look forward to more of Jacquie’s books. Be blessed!”





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